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Huaneng enterprises willing to friends at home and abroad in the pursuit of excellence on the journey together, win-win situation, create brilliant

    Ruian Huaneng Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Ruian Economic Development Zone , where beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, old times, convenient transportation, economic development model based on Wenzhou and the rise of national key light industrial machinery base.
    The company has a number of highly intelligent management, technology professionals and well-trained team of workers ; enterprise Pat passed the ISO 9001:2000 international standard quality management system certification and CE certification ; implementation of the CAD design system and computer-aided manufacturing CAM system . Main products: hard and soft capsules printing machine series ; Cellophane packagi...

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Our packing machine Huaneng according to customer needs, listen to customer comments, and improve our design A variety of different functions of the following equipment, please choose according to demand, if in doubt please contact our consultants Call directly86-15988745842Mail to1254923541@qq.comOur advisors advise you at any time.
DZBT-80H Mask automatic number / box / three-dimensional packaging production line The machine is suitable for bagged mask, drop paste, tea and other bag-shaped items of multi-bag and wrapping production line see details
DZ-120 automatic water needle cartoning machine Can improve production efficiency see details
BT-2000L transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine For different specifications of the cardboard box, packaging products Three-dimensional packaging of the equipment see details
DZH-120P Automatic Bottle Cartoning Machine Stable performance Easy to understand see details
BDK-380 high efficiency automatic belt machine (light belt automatic strapping machine) Applicable to a wide range of pharmaceutical, food, printing, apparel, tourism, finance, IT, daily chemical and other industries. Can be a large carton conjoined, but also on the multi-chip, multiple, multi-root, multi-box, smaller hard, soft products into a group of bundles see details
DZH-BT400 Automatic packing / three-dimensional packaging production line Mainly by the cartoning machine and three-dimensional packaging machine connected to form a fully automated high-quality packaging package production line see details
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Applicable to medicines, health products, nutritional supplements, food, daily cosmetics, stationery and other small boxed items wrapped

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